Backend Developer

€35K - €45K
Backend Developer (+ 4 years)
Full remote
Java · NoSQL · SpringBoot


VASS is a leading digital solutions company, with presence in 26 countries across Europe, America and Asia. They help large companies in their digital transformation process, developing and executing the most innovative and scalable projects, from strategy to operations.

With more than 4,700 professionals, their growth comes from their great team, their passion for innovation, and their constant search for improvement, always in their own VASS way: “Making the complex simple”.

They offer a comprehensive range of digital services, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, e-commerce and more. Join them on their journey to transform the digital world and make a positive impact for all.

What they expect from you 🏅

What they expect from you 🏅
  • Essential technologies: Java, Apache Kafka, SpringBoot, Microservices, JUnit, Mockito, Scrum.

  • The candidate has to possess a profound knowledge and mastery of technology, enabling them to navigate complex systems and tools effectively. A robust understanding of relevant technologies is a must.

  • Autonomy is a cornerstone trait they value. They are looking for individuals who can work independently, taking the initiative to drive projects forward without constant supervision.

  • VASS team values flexibility and individuals who are purpose-driven. Candidates should adapt readily to changing circumstances and align their efforts with their overarching objectives.

  • Creativity and innovation are highly prized. They encourage individuals to approach challenges with fresh, inventive perspectives, and to contribute creative solutions to complex problems.

  • VASS team expects candidates to feel confident and derive satisfaction from their work. A sense of accomplishment and passion for what they do is essential.

  • They seek candidates who are self-starters, demonstrating a proactive approach to their work and consistently taking the initiative to enhance projects and processes.

  • It is important to reside in Spain or within the EU area.

  • Native or Advanced Spanish.

Benefits & perks 💎

Benefits & perks 💎
  • 23+2 Days of Vacation: Generous vacation allowance, including an additional 2 days.

  • Permanent Contract: Secure and long-term employment commitment.

  • Long weekend: Enjoy extended weekends for relaxation and leisure.

  • Concilia Days: Support for work-life balance with flexible scheduling.

  • International Mobility: Opportunities for international assignments or travel.

  • Friday Intensive and Summer Hours: Shorter workdays on Fridays and throughout July and August.

  • Access to Webinars and Udemy: Continuous learning through open webinars and Udemy courses.

  • Language Classes and Technical Certifications: Enhance your skills with language classes and technical certifications.

  • Positive Work Environment: A great atmosphere created by our dedicated teams.

  • SmartWorking Methodology: Embrace a flexible and efficient work approach.

  • Flexible Compensation Benefits: Benefit from our Flexible Compensation platform.

  • Stability and Career Growth: A clear path for professional development and long-term stability.

  • Dynamic and Growing Company: Join a company in constant expansion.

  • Cutting-Edge Projects: Engage in projects using cutting-edge technologies.

  • Diverse and Autonomous Team: Collaborate with a multifunctional and self-driven team.

  • Highly Skilled Professionals: Be part of a talented team dedicated to excellence and value creation.

Hiring process 🧩

The selection process will only consist of two steps (more straightforward, impossible 🎯):

  1. Technical Interview

  2. HR interview

Backend Developer
€35K - €45K
Full remote