Backend Developer

€35K - €38K
Backend Developer (+ 3 years)
Full remote
PHP or Laravel or PHPUnit or Symfony

The team πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ

AvaiBook is one of the companies in the ecosystem πŸ’š

Since 2010 they have been dedicated to developing and marketing vacational rental software, a SaaS where their clients can have control of their vacation business and configure tools to automate day-to-day processes. They are a reference company in Spain, Italy, and Portugal and they work directly with, Airbnb, VRBO, and Google.

They offer a powerful and secure tool so that tourist rental managers can dedicate time to other business needs.

The team is made up of more than 70 people, divided into 5 departments: Technical, Financial, Customer Success, Marketing and Sales, and People.

They work to ensure that teams have a business vision and transversal vision that allows them to plan in the short (month by month) and medium term (semi-annual). They are demanding a level of productivity and contribution to the company, they need people who want to contribute with fresh and ground-breaking ideas. As Albert Einstein said, If you are looking for different results, don't always do the same thing :)

Therefore, new team members must have the resources to prioritize tasks well, adapt enthusiastically to change, and have a commitment to the business.

The project 🌱

Now is looking for a Senior Backend Developer to help them:

Preferably with experience in Symfony, but the stack is not the most important thing, they need good foundations, good practices, and people who stay up to date looking for the best scalability and maintainability options.

Your mission πŸ‘€

Your mission πŸ‘€

You will help the team with:

➑️ The analysis and development of complex tasks (databases are not the typical user > accommodation > rates), in the data model they have everything from basic products to complex accommodation and billing rate systems, OCR systems...

➑️ They manage availability and prices in real-time, and they have advanced messaging and event systems, guaranteeing high availability is essential

➑️ The debate about things like doctrine, fixtures, kafka, rich model, Oauth... is their daily life

➑️ The famous testing, if you have experience is a plus, otherwise they will help you so that you can implement it in each feature

What they expect from you πŸ…

You are the ideal candidate if:

  • Minimum 4 years of experience with PHP: Laravel or Symfony

  • Experience with complex databases and managing their data optimizing performance

  • Experience with API's (SOAP, REST...)

  • Experience with queue management (Kafka, Rabbit…).

  • Knowledge of security and scalability.

  • You are demanding good practices, readability, and reusability of your code.

  • Testing and automation of deployments

  • Agile methodologies: like Scrum

  • English knowledge at the level necessary for documentation and consultations

Benefits & perks πŸ’Ž

They offer:

πŸ“„ Indefinite contract.

🏠 100% remote work.

πŸ’» They provide you with the laptop.

πŸ–οΈ 23 days of work vacation + 24 and 31/12 (πŸ“… if they are work holidays)

β˜€οΈ More flexible days in August.

πŸ₯‚ 2 parties a year: AvaiBook Anniversary and Idealista Christmas party.

πŸ’° Salary according to value: up to approximately 35k-38k, with annual salary reviews.

πŸ™ŒπŸ½ Motivation and desire to make yourself grow personally and professionally.

Hiring process 🧩

Hiring process 🧩
  • 1st Interview with HR

  • 2nd Interview with Tech Lead

  • 3rd Tech Test

  • 4th Offer!

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Backend Developer
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Backend Developer
€35K - €38K
Full remote