Engineering Manager Lead (English & Spanish speaker)

€70K - €80K
Engineering Manager (+ 8 years)
Portugal / Spain
Full remote
Scrum Master

The project 🌱

The project 🌱

You will work for a global fashion company known for its innovation, quality, and extensive international reach in the sector. With a range of recognized brands, it stands out for its focus on advanced technology and commitment to sustainability.

Your mission 👀


  • Maximize the delivery of value, ensuring the functional and technical quality of your teams.

  • Build a comfortable and motivating work environment considering the management of people, processes and technology, under a servant leadership.

  • Ensure the existence of objectives, strategy and roadmap within the team aligned with the needs of customers and stakeholders.

  • Manage risks and blockages within the team.

  • Implement and maintain visualization, product backlog and portfolio traceability, providing tools and guiding the team to achieve this with a lean and iterative approach whenever possible.

  • Monitor the execution of the strategy and processes and manage and alert of any deviation from the marked plan.

  • Care for the health of assigned teams, reducing turnover and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Define a one-to-one strategy in the team and ensure the career development of its members together with the partner companies.

  • Define and exploit performance and individual satisfaction metrics.

  • Define, visualize, and monitor a set of metrics related to the development lifecycle and solve the problems and inefficiencies detected together with the product manager, the technical team and the associated enablers.

  • Identify and correct any elements within the development lifecycle that may impair the delivery of functional and technical quality within the established deadlines and with a motivated team.

  • Ensure cultural alignment between Inditex and the collaborating companies, guaranteeing the productivity and well-being of the teams.

  • Measure the work capacity of a team and take responsibility to ensure that it is respected by optimizing delivery times.

  • Help technical leaders to implement good engineering practices (software development, architecture solutions...) and any other technical initiative within the teams and monitor their execution.

  • Establish efficient communication channels for both internal team communication and external communication (OKRs, performance, roadmap, KPIs, Costs) under the framework of the organization's strategy.

  • Ensure a fluid communication and collaboration strategy with the company's enabler teams, avoiding blocking any ongoing initiative.


  • Maintains continuous communication with the team (group sessions, 1:1) to understand the current situation, the level of motivation and existing challenges to promote an environment of trust.

  • Review metrics with the team to define improvement actions.

  • Supports in the management of team impediments and actions for resolution, escalating to the PO and/or Vertical Leader when necessary.

  • Facilitates scrum events and ensures team members understand their purpose and value.

  • Efficiently facilitates scrum events where possible: facilitates, schedules events, and assists in achieving their objectives.

  • Works with the PO in reviewing multiple issues: backlog health, team OKRs, roadmap, epic definition, dependencies, improvement opportunities, and periodic user surveys.

  • Maintains continuous communication with Scrum Masters from other teams within the same vertical and with the Lead SM of the Dara vertical on dependency management.

  • Ensures that data loading, workflows, sprints, statuses, and JIRA reports are done correctly.

  • Ensures DoR and DoD compliance.

  • Conducts workshops with the team to promote best practices.

  • Promotes best practices and synergy within the area.

What they expect from you 🏅


Necessary knowledge:

• Background focused on product and agile methodologies.

• Knowledge of other approaches in the agile framework: XP, Scrum, Kanban, Nexus, LeSS, SAFe, etc.

• Knowledge of build/deployment pipelines and associated tools. Knowledge/experience of CI / CD.

• Extensive experience working with Agile teams, including experience with SCRUM and Kanban in product-focused teams.

• Understanding of modern software development practices and techniques (e.g. TDD, BDD, DDD, DDD, API First).

• Program/project / product delivery experience.

• Management experience, preferably within a software development project.

• Demonstrable experience in cross-functional and collaborative problem and risk resolution in a collaborative manner. Important:

• Knowledge of team and product Metrics that will result in continuous improvement in the team.

• Experience supporting stakeholders, user and Product Owner to foster proper communication within and outside the team.

• Experience in developing continuous integration models. • Conflict mediation and team support through different dynamics.

• Experience promoting best practices in teams.

• Supporting and empowering the different roles in the team.

• Encouraging the creation of empathy and motivation in teams.


• Power BI

• Jira

• Confluence

• Valhalla

• Structure

• Figma

• Dashboards y análisis de métricas

• Miro o similares

• Windows Office


• Leadership skills.

• Clear and concise communication skills.

• Team management skills.

• Perfection orientation and attention to detail.

• Analysis and problem-solving.

• Teamwork. • Analytical thinking.

• Proactivity.

• Negotiation.

• Transparency.

• Self-demanding.

• Flexibility.


• English

• Spanish

Benefits & perks 💎

  • Full remote

  • Full-time

  • Salary range: 70-80K

Engineering Manager Lead (English & Spanish speaker)
€70K - €80K
Full remote