Hands-on Co-Tech Lead

€60 K - €90 K
Backend Developer (+ 6 years)
Full remote
  • TypeScript
  • Express
  • Node.js
  • graphQL
  • MongoDB

About Celebreak

They are CeleBreak, a fast-growing start-up that is transforming the way football is played. They are convinced that everyone should be able to play this beautiful sport, anywhere, anytime.

With billions of fans worldwide, playing friendly amateur football can be a hassle: renting pitches, finding players, and coordinating schedules are weekly challenges well known to all football fans out there. Through their app, anyone can join a community of active football players in their city, join matches, and start playing in just a few seconds.

They are the solution that allows anyone to play football, regardless of the time, place, or skill level by connecting people with a shared passion for this sport.

Your mission πŸ‘€

Your mission πŸ‘€

Your mission will be to build the next generation technology for Celebreak's platform.

  • Build brand new CeleBreak technology solutions to help scale to more fields, users and cities. There are many features on their list and they want you to partake in conceiving, designing, and building them with them!

  • A strong force on the architecture of their platform. Help them improve the existing core pieces and build out what is planned in Celebreaks roadmap.

  • Mentorship for their younger engineers and strong leadership as an experienced, wise and battle tested engineer.

  • Security-first approach to development and ability to recognize vulnerabilities.

What they expect from you πŸ…

Celebreak team ise looking for a backend and systems generalist with a creator mindset. Someone who is flexible and open to exploring broad solution sets and analyzing an array of options. Celebreak team is very interested in accumulated knowledge and what you can bring us.

They are looking for someone with a broad range of tech skills and they don’t require mastery in any category. They prefer a familiarity in many environments/languages/frameworks and, most importantly, someone that can learn quickly and will adapt to our situation.

Below are some of the technologies they currently use. Being proficient in any of them would be a plus but not essential.

● NodeJS - typescript, express

● MongoDB + Mongoose

● Graphql

● Google Cloud Provider - cloud run, pubsub, firebase

● Flutter

Also, Celebreak is looking for other important skills:

  • Entrepreneurial & Self Starter skills, you will be the seventh person in the Tech Team.

  • Fluent in English.

  • Forward thinking and a big-picture mindset.

  • A self-learner, always develop and educate yourself. You may be asked to work on many different things and be flexible with such a small team.

  • Show ego-free behavior and always act in the interest of the community, the people around and in the interest of the vision of CeleBreak.

  • First Principle thinking: Independently analyze problems without making too many incorrect assumptions based on conventional wisdom.

  • Balance of pragmatism and perfectionism: the ability to make both masterful/quick/dirty hacks and elegant/refined/robust solutions, and the wisdom to choose which is appropriate for a given problem.

  • Visionary: knowing how to tackle problems for which there aren't established recipes yet.

  • Healthy skepticism: tend to not trust their own code until tested it extensively.

  • Positive Attitude towards debugging.

Benefits & perks πŸ’Ž

Benefits & perks πŸ’Ž

At CeleBreak they want to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle, a culture of constant learning, and giving everyone as much freedom as possible. Thus we offer the following benefits:

Health & Happiness:

● 50€ Monthly allowance to be spent on sport or wellness

● Free unlimited CeleBreak Football Match everywhere

● Football Equipment allowance of up to 200€ per year

Constant Learning:

● Free Kindle

● 1000€ Allowance on Kindle to spend on books per year

● 1000€ allowance on courses/education of your choice.


● Freedom to work from wherever in the world you feel the most productive.

● Co-working Space and Home Office allowance of up to 200€ per month.

● PTO of up to 25 days per year

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Hands-on Co-Tech Lead
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